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Riding the wind and waves, everything is well, the Lu Haifeng platform project is baptized by the storm


May 8, 2020 is April 16th of the lunar calendar. It was at the time of the astronomical tide. Shandong experienced a strong convective weather.

May 8, 2020 is April 16th of the lunar calendar. It was at the time of the astronomical tide. Shandong experienced a strong convective weather. The Luhaifeng Marine Ranch 400 and model built by Shandong Ocean Shengjing Fishery Technology Co., Ltd. The 600-type offshore leisure platform survived the storm and was unharmed and unharmed.

The offshore platform is baptized by the storm

Type 600 platform after wind and rain

Type 400 platform after wind and rain

The Lu Haifeng offshore platform adopts a brand-new structural design, which greatly enhances the ability to withstand strong winds and waves, and its flexibility and anti-distortion ability have been significantly improved. The platform carried space capsules, solar energy, generators, toilets and other ancillary facilities due to the use of The uniquely designed multi-stage buffer devices are intact.

At the time of press release, many marine ranching customers and farmers of Shandong Ocean Shengjing Fishery Technology Co., Ltd. in the province called one after another, and they were all safe. The deep sea anti-wind and wave cages, water leisure platforms, floating trestle docks and other products produced by the company have withstood the test of bad weather.

1. Materials used in the product.
All use non-toxic and odorless high-density high-strength polyethylene (HDPE), which has good hardness, wear resistance, toughness and cold resistance; corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and various salts; the material itself has a light specific gravity and good Buoyancy, suitable for water use, can be recycled and reused, and will not cause environmental pollution.
2. Platform structure.
The platform consists of a buoyancy tube support system, a frame support system, a plane pedal system, a safety protection system, and an anchoring system. The production of main components is standardized and modular; on-site assembly, quick installation, interchangeable modules, mature and reliable technology, stable quality, high production efficiency, beautiful and practical. Each assembly system adopts national standard HDPE pipe fittings, adopts electrofusion welding and rivet structure connection, and adopts three-level anchoring, so that the entire buoyancy system structure and the frame support system are connected as a whole. One-time investment, lifespan of more than 20 years, maintenance-free, no follow-up maintenance costs, and high cost performance.
The platform can be equipped with space capsules, space houses, parasols, deck chairs, sand baths, swimming pools, fishing platforms, leisure coffee tables and other entertainment facilities as needed, which can provide tourists with a variety of entertainment activities.
3. Features of PE platform.
⑴Environmental protection: The materials used are all new HDPE materials, non-toxic, odorless, corrosion-resistant, environmentally friendly, durable, recyclable and reusable, and will not cause any pollution to the environment.
⑵Safety: The overall buoyancy is large, the carrying capacity is strong, and the weight of each square is 120KG to 180KG, so that the platform has the ability to resist 12 levels of wind and waves.
⑶ Practical, beautiful and multi-purpose: According to the different requirements of customers, it can be designed into platforms with different shapes and different functions. It has a wide range of uses. It is a new waterfront leisure product in the coastal, lake, river and river areas. It can be used for a series of water projects such as leisure fishing, water restaurants, water pontoons, water viewing platforms, diving platforms, yacht piers, water swimming pools, wave breakers, ferries, cage breeding and water entertainment facilities.

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