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Advantages and explanations of deep sea anti-wind and wave cages

Shandong Ocean Shengjing Fishery Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech marine equipment manufacturing company integrating R&D, design, production, installation and service.

Shandong Ocean Shengjing Fishery Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech marine equipment manufacturing company integrating R&D, design, production, installation and service. The main products are marine leisure platforms, inshore aquaculture fish rafts, deep sea anti-wind and wave net cages and related supporting products.
Product positioning: Based on user needs, based on high technology, in accordance with the requirements of standardization, refinement, and intelligence, with product design concepts of safety, practicability, aesthetics, and durability, create a marine integrated boutique project.
1. Materials used in the product
All use non-toxic, odorless high-density high-strength polyethylene (HDPE), its hardness, tensile strength and creep are better than low-density polyethylene; softening point is 125-135 ℃, the use temperature can reach 100 ℃, resistance Good abrasion, electrical insulation, toughness and cold resistance, and can withstand low temperatures of minus 50 ℃; good chemical stability, insoluble in any organic solvents at room temperature, resistant to corrosion by acids, alkalis and various salts, therefore, Especially suitable for marine use. Antioxidants and ultraviolet absorbers are added in the production process to enhance the aging resistance of HDPE raw materials. Its specific gravity is 0.941-0.960, which is lighter than water. The material itself has a certain buoyancy. It is the best material for water use. It can be recycled and reused and will not cause environmental pollution.
2. Deep sea anti-wind and wave cage structure
The deep sea anti-wind wave cage is composed of cage frame system, net clothing system, anchoring system and safety protection system.
1. The cage frame system is mainly composed of buoyancy tubes, brackets and pedals.
Buoyancy tube: adopt national standard D250/D315/D400/D500/D630/D800 water supply pipe, which is assembled by buoyancy tube, elbow, tee, cross, cap, sealing plate, stop device, etc., by electrofusion welding, The entire buoyancy system structure is connected with the frame support system as a whole.
Bracket: The specifications of the bracket holes match the buoyancy tube, and the specifications are complete, and there are single-hole brackets, double-hole brackets and three-hole brackets; according to performance requirements, it can be divided into single-ear brackets, binaural brackets, connecting brackets, and multi-function brackets. The stent can also be manufactured according to user requirements to enhance the buoyancy type cage.
Each bracket is supported by one or two or three buoyancy tubes to make the cage more stable and strong in carrying capacity. The frames are plugged in with a rivet structure, connected with 316 stainless steel screws, fixed on the buoyancy tube with a stop block, and combined with the buoyancy tube to form an integral structure. The net-like porous structure of the support ensures smooth water flow, and can break and pass waves. The lower part of the frame support system is connected with the buoyancy tube, and the upper part is organically combined with the pedal to form a solid overall structure, which enhances the wind and wave resistance of the cage.
Pedal: Two-color pedals are adopted. The pedal specifications are 150mm wide, 62mm high, 240mm, 350mm wide, and 77mm high. The lower part is black. The surface color can be customized according to customer requirements.
2. The net clothing system is composed of net clothing, net frame, sinker, etc., which can effectively prevent the deformation of the net clothing, make full use of the aquaculture water body, and avoid fish damage.
3. The anchoring system adopts a three-stage buffer anchoring method. The cage is surrounded by a high polymer fiber rope to form a tension buffer net, and an iron sinker is used in the middle to increase the buffer strength. According to different sea conditions, iron high holding power anchors or cement anchors are used to fix . The length of the anchor rope is generally 5-10 times the depth of the water, and a certain length of anchor chain is equipped according to the situation. The anchor rope is made of PA (nylon) or PES (polyester) fiber rope. The specific gravity of this rope is greater than that of sea water and has no floating power. Use the GPS satellite positioning system to determine the anchor point of each anchor, and determine the weight and quantity of the anchor according to the shape, size, and sea area to ensure that the anchor does not slip, drift, swing, and is stable and safe.
4. Safety protection system. There are two horizontal railings around the cage. The railing column and the bracket are injection molded at one time, which is more robust. Single-sided railings or double-sided railings can be used according to user requirements. The railing adopts gas pipeline pipe, DN90mm, wall thickness 6.7mm, PN1.25MPa, SDR13.6, high strength and corrosion resistance, solar LED warning lights can be installed on all sides of the cage, making the platform eye-catching, safe, reliable and beautiful.